Make Your Annual Pass Selections NOW!

From the The Main Street Mouse and written by: Melissa Grove

Make Your Annual Pass Selections NOW!

Throughout the window of reopening, you may have seen many passholder emails from Disney. There is one you may want to go look at ASAP. How passes are handled due to the closure has been confusing to say the least. This email clarifies it the best. All passholders get a 30 day extension to their passes. In this email, sent last week, there is a personalized link Disney made just for you! If you click the personalized link, you can access the options for managing your passes. Apologies for not grabbing the selection page when I was in there.

Considering cancelling, sadly? Normally, you would have to wait to the end of your contract to make that decision. Disney is nice enough too realize we are in unprecidented times. Therefore, you have a short window available to you to cancel your passes with no penalties. Your pass will be valid through August 11.

You may also choose to continue your passes through this link. So go into your email, find this email and click your personalized link for pass options. Did not receive the email? Call VIPassholder at (407) 939-7277 for assistance. They will get your in touch with tech support to get you a new copy of the email.

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