These Aristocats Donuts Are the Cat’s Meow!

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These Aristocats Donuts Are the Cat’s Meow!

Here’s another fun recipe courtesy of Disney Family!

Everybody wants to eat a donut! Donuts are always a favorite treat, and today we are decorating donuts inspired by our favorite kittens: Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz! All it takes is a little icing, fondant, and food coloring to transform plain donuts into Aristocats donuts.


3 Donuts
¼ cup Fondant
1 cup Royal icing, divided into ⅓ cups
Black, blue, red, orange, and pink food coloring

Dye ⅓ cup royal icing orange and ⅓ cup gray. Reserve the last ⅓ cup undyed, white royal icing. Each donut will use about 1/3 cup icing.

Place donuts on a cooling rack over a sheet pan. Pour ⅓ cup of the white icing to cover one of the donuts completely. Repeat with the orange and gray icings for the other two donuts. Set aside to let icing dry a little.

Divide the fondant into 6 teaspoon-size portions. Dye five of the portions the following colors: gray, orange, pink, black, red, and blue. Leave the last portion of fondant undyed and white.

Make the ears: With the gray, white and orange fondant, form little triangles to resemble ears. You will want two ears of each color. For each ear, make a smaller triangle out of pink fondant. Press the smaller pink triangles in each of the larger triangles.
Make the eyes: With the blue fondant, form six small, flat oval shapes to resemble eyes.
Make the noses: Form two small ovals out of the black fondant. These will be the Toulouse’s and Berlioz’s noses. Form a small oval out of the pink fondant. This will be Marie’s nose.
Make the whiskers: With the black fondant, form very small tube-like shapes for the whiskers. You will want to make six whiskers for each donut, so 18 whiskers total.
Make the bows: Make small bows out of the red, blue and pink fondant pieces.
Place fondant features on donuts to form Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz. Marie has white ears, a pink bowl between her ears, blue eyes, a pink nose and black whiskers. Toulouse has orange ears, blue eyes, a black nose, a blue bow beneath his nose and black whiskers. Berlioz has gray ears, blue eyes, a black nose, a red bow beneath his nose and black whisters.

Set aside to let icing dry completely.


From Disney Family

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