Tangled-Inspired Mother’s Day Cake Recipe

From the The Main Street Mouse and written by: Jackie Kutney

There’s less than one month until Mother’s Day – the day when we honor all the hard work and sacrifices our moms make for us!  You can make time spent with mom this year a little sweeter with this cake inspired by the movie Tangled. We don’t always agree when we’re kids, but once we grow up, we finally realize mother really does know best.


  • regular paper or card stock
  • wax paper or clear plastic bag
  • piping bag and tip
  • pink frosting
  • cake (already baked and frosted)
  • edible flowers


  • Type and print out the phrase “Mother Knows Best” to use as a template for piping the letters.  Place the wax paper or plastic bag over the paper and pipe the frosting over the letters.  When finished, chill the frosting letters until hard (about an hour).

  • Pull apart the petals of the edible flowers (or you can cut with scissors) and gently press the petals on the sides of the cake.
  • When the frosting letters are hard, carefully slide them off the wax paper or bag with a knife, and place them on top of the cake.
  • Add a few flowers on top of the cake to finish decorating.

Cake design found on Disney Family

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